Award winning technology

in-water cleaning of ships in port


Shipping Industry award
Young Entrepreneur Award
“A successful company that spearheads challenges or solutions in a new way”

Environmental award
WWL Orcelle Award
“The appeal of this solution is how it combines an environmental benefit with a commercial incentive”
WWL’s CEO Christopher Connor

About ECOsubsea

Our primary ECOstation is based in Southampton, a port which has one of the most rigorous bio-risk policies in the world, and until recently was closed to conventional hull cleaning. Due to the ultra-high collection rate and minimal hull disruption of our solution we now have exclusive access to this global shipping hub, as well as main ports in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our solution cleans with collection rate of 97.5%, making it highly efficient and ultra-clean compared to conventional hull cleaning with brushes, which damages paint and releases debris into the local environment.

Key benefits of ECOsubsea:

● Minimises vessels air pollution to 5 – 15%
● Minimises the spread of alien invasive species between continents (identified by IMO)
● Saves ship owners 5 – 15% fuel costs
● Efficient handling of waste from ship hull
● 97.5% debris collection rate under water

The low freight rates and huge bunker costs of the international shipping market mean there is a big incentive for ship owners to clean their vessels in order to save fuel. Hull cleaning also helps reduce vessel air pollution which represents a significant benefit to the environment. However as a result of local pollution and the fear of spreading alien invasive species, local and global policies are closing ports for conventional cleaning of vessels.

Our revolutionary in-water hull cleaning technology far exceeds the environmental standards set by local and global policies, which represents the potential for univarsal access to global shipping routes. ECOstations are built for easy multiplication and handling, and their cost efficient buildup makes it easier and faster for international shipping to form a network and take advantage of increased savings.

ECOsubsea locations

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ECOsubsea AS
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We can serve you from the following Port Champions waters:

Norwegian ports
Home-based at the Port Of Bergen

Holland/Netherland ports
Main sites at The Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam, but available throughout

Belgium ports
Respectively the Port of Zeebrugge, The Port of Antwerp, and The Port of Ghent

UK ports
The Port of Southampton, The International Port of Portsmouth, The Port of Portland and The Port of Dover

The list is continuously expanding with new Ports in Europe and Internationally so just let us know if you have an enquiry and we will send you an updated lister help you out accordingly.