Biofouling is the enemy.

Organic matter on vessel hulls creates friction on otherwise smooth surfaces, leading to loss of speed and decreased fuel efficiency. That means greater fuel consumption, higher operational costs and increased emissions spilling out into the atmosphere.

Bad for business, terrible for the environment.

Each year about 5million kg of biofouling is carried on vessel hulls. Get rid of that and, studies show, the world fleet could reduce both costs and emissions by up to 15-20%. A huge saving.

And that’s not all.

Invasive species – plants and animals introduced to new environments – are core drivers of extinction, one of our most pressing environmental problems (the UN estimates up to one million species are currently at risk). Studies show that biofouling is the number one contributor to the transportation of invasive species in the marine environment.

These organisms aren’t just helping to suffocate our businesses and atmosphere; they’ve waged war on our oceans’ ecosystems.

Biofouling is the problem. ECOsubsea has the solution.

The problem


  • Lowers Hull performance
  • Increases Fuel consumption – Higher costs and emissions
  • Transports alien invasive species (AIS) – damaging local ecosystems
  • Endangers operations, with a risk of being banned from ports
  • Demands a better solution – traditional cleaning with divers, brushes and high-pressure treatment damages coatings and offers zero or low collection rates.

The solution


  • Biofouling risk assessment: monitors vessel condition and biofouling
  • Biofouling action: efficient, gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Biofouling disposal: full collection of waste for biogas product

The ECOsubsea advantage

  • Specially developed over 4 years, tested over 12 years and patented “soft jets” for effective, non-abrasive cleaning.
  • Full collection and processing of removed biofouling, ensuring complete environmental compliance.
  • Efficient operations, with 8-10 hours standard cleaning time.
  • Non-disruptive – cleaning during port-based cargo operations.
  • Flexible services, with mobile cleaning stations operated from quays or barges.
  • Proven and patented concept, with over 1000 vessels served for leading industry players.
  • The holy grail is that their solutions makes both environmental and economic sense

    Rogers Strevens
    VP Sustainability,

  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

  • Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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