Hull Cleaning

Clean, caring, compliant

Kind to ships, tough on biofouling. ECOsubsea has worked for over a decade alongside ship owners, coating manufacturers, ports and environmental regulators to develop an award-winning solution for clean vessel hulls.

Our remotely operated underwater vehicles gently remove all organic matter without damaging vessel coatings. Simple, efficient and non-disruptive to port operations, the process protects your business and the local environment, with all matter automatically collected for biogas production/recycling.

The technology is proven – with more than 50 000 kg of biofouling removed and processed so far – effective, and compliant with the very strictest port and international regulations.

The highest service standards, the greatest efficiency, the best business and environmental results.

ECOsubsea is here to help you clean up.

The ECOsubsea advantage

  • Specially developed over 4 years, tested over 12 years and patented “soft jets” for effective, non-abrasive cleaning.
  • Full collection and processing of removed biofouling, ensuring complete environmental compliance.
  • Efficient operations, with 8-10 hours standard cleaning time.
  • Non-disruptive – cleaning during port-based cargo operations.
  • Flexible services, with mobile cleaning stations operated from quays or barges.
  • Proven and patented concept, with over 1000 vessels served for leading industry players.
  • We cleaned Höegh Jeddah while performing cargo operation in Southampton. About 200kg of dried fouling was removed efficiently from the hull. Initial tests after the hull cleaning indicate a speed gain of 0,6 knots and a fuel saving of abt. 2 Mt pr. day

    Capt. Harald A. Henriksen
    Head of Technical Fleet Management
    Höegh Autoliners AS

  • The product and offerings of ECOsubsea would not only be a benefit for WW ASA but also the entire maritime industry as it will revolutionize the way hull cleaning can be conducted in areas where it has been restricted and or even banned previously.

    Capt. Filip Svensson

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