Biofouling Passport

ECOntrol – achieving biofouling compliance and increasing performance.

The Biofouling Passport is an online platform that gives the shipowner overview of its fleet and makes one in compliance with regulations and guidelines on biofouling management.

Track the vessels fouling factor and determine which vessels have high or low biofouling risk and fuel performance. 

Share data with regulators and ports to collaborate on biofouling control.

Compare vessels or class of vessels performance and risk within a fleet. 

Accessible to Vessel and shipowner .

Accessible to State (Legislative). 

A global accessible solution that let you take Control of your fleets Biofouling Management

Track, Monitor and follow up Cost Saving Maintenance Scheme while being in accordance with regulations. 
  • It is recommended that ship owners have a Biofouling Management Plan with clear procedures and strategies. The economic benefit of doing so will improve vessel performance and lower the fuel consumption.

    Source: DNV GL

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