Biofouling Detection

Optimize fuel performance and control biofouling risk with ECOsubsea

Since 2013 we have developed the first image analytic biofouling detection tool.

This is used by vessels all over the globe.


To determine when a ships needs to clean. A supplement to performance monitoring.

Get a photo stamp on the biofouling  and coating condition of the hull, between dry docking.

To compare and analyze biofouling development between fleets of vessels and free up internal analytical resources.

  • The ECOsubsea Detector is a disruptor in the professional underwater robotic market for ship inspections. Its unique design combines simplicity and performance and has an extraordinary high user friendliness and ease of use for the crew. The tool reduces our lead time and increases our ability to act as needed to maintain and optimize hull condition for our vessels. It is a great supplement to traditional performance monitoring in determining action on the underwater hull. The beauty of the tool lies in its simplicity

    Capt. Gaurav Lal
    General Manager – Underwater operations

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